Damages from Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder

The Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder is a surgically implanted device in the shoulder area to help restore arm movement. This is especially effective for those who have suffered from rotator cuff tears and have developed arthritis and those who have had unsuccessful shoulder replacement surgeries.

But the device is not perfect. In fact, it even poses a danger to the patients who have acquired it. According to the Food and Drug Administration, a Class I Recall has been issued for the device, because of its high tendency to cause injury or death. Class I Recall is the highest form of recall.

One of the most obvious damage that can be sustained from the Biomet Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder is injury. The device has been known to fracture at a higher rate than what has been labelled, putting patients vulnerable to partial or total loss of shoulder function, infection, and even death.

Medical Costs
The financial aspect of this device, such as in buying the product and paying for the necessary hospital bills, is another damaging factor in this whole recalling scenario. The health consequences of these defective devices, the costs of further surgeries, and the increased medical bills because of prolonged hospital confinement, may pose serious financial burdens toward the patients and their families.

Pain and Suffering
Not only does this medical device inflict physical pain on you, it also gives you other forms of suffering, such as the unnecessary hospital stays due to the complications and surgeries associated with the recall of the device and their possible emotional and psychological effects, like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Lost Wages
Those who are still capable of working may miss time at work because of injuries, complications, surgeries, and hospital confinements. These health issues may even result into a permanent loss of your earning capacity, affecting your financial standing at the present and at the future.

According to the website of the Zimmer shoulder replacement lawyers of Williams Kherkher, these damages, along with other damages that you have sustained, may be eligible for compensation. Designers and manufacturers should be held accountable for the damages they have sustained to their customers.

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