Why Wrongful Death is More Damaging Than You Think

Losing a loved one is a tragic experience in itself, but it even becomes more so if it has happened because of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness. This is a legal concept called wrongful death. According to the website of Mazin & Associates, PC, the family members of wrongful death victims may receive compensation from the damages they have sustained.

But what are these damages anyway? The most obvious one is the lost companionship. The victim may be a husband, wife, father, mother, son, or daughter. The victim’s loss may result into negative emotional and psychological problems to everybody he is leaving behind.

But wrongful death is much more damaging than that. It can be a serious financial burden to the family members, and this financial problem can come in many forms, such as the following:

  • Medical Expenses – Many wrongful death victims don’t die immediately. They survive the initial accident, get confined in a hospital for days, weeks, and even months and years, and end up succumbing to their medical conditions anyway. This can translate to significant medical expenses.
  • Funeral Expenses – One of the most obvious financial burdens associated with wrongful death is the funeral cost. Funerals don’t always come cheap, especially if the person doesn’t have a financial plan regarding his or her death.
  • Lost Salaries – When a person has passed away, of course he cannot earn money anymore. This is particularly problematic if the wrongful death victim is the head of a family and the primary financial provider. On worst cases, lost salaries alter the economic standing and lifestyle of the victim’s family.
  • Lost Benefits – There is also the possibility of losing financial plans, including healthcare, social security, and pensions. Like lost salaries, this can be particularly problematic if the wrongful death victims have been relied on by his or her family when it comes to financial security.

In short, wrongful death is a very tragic case. It affects not just the emotional and psychological health of the victim’s family members, but also their economic standing, lifestyle, and sometimes, even their future.

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Who’s At Fault for Amusement Park Accidents?

No place is completely safe. Accidents that result into unfortunate injuries can occur from private homes to even public hospitals—there is no bias against the two as the most common factor between situations like these is negligence. And people bring negligence with them wherever they are, so why would amusement parks be any different?

There is a certain level of ease and comfort with amusement parks, given that they’re meant to inspire an air of peace and fun—a level of detachment from all the horrors of the “real world”. You go there because it’s fun to experience and you don’t tend to factor in the idea that something as terribly tragic such as an accident could occur to you in such a place. And so, amusement parks then have that responsibility to deliver on the atmosphere of fun and happiness that is expected of them but to also deliver it in such a way that nobody should get hurt.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and injuries are all about inevitable.

Accidents that occur in amusement parks, according to the website of the lawyers with Williams Kherkher, can often constitute as personal injury cases for they are most likely due to negligence. Injuries in these circumstances It could have been the negligence of a single employee or the entire park could be held accountable for the damages done to the survivor or victim of the accident.

More often than not, injuries that occur in amusement parks are more than a few scratches and bruises. Sometimes, the machinery that is used to operate the attractions malfunction so disastrously that they could cause debilitating injuries such as burn scars, disfigurement, broken bones, paralysis, et cetera, to the person in question.

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How to Deal with Burn Injuries?

There are very few chemical compounds that can interact with fire and not be changed. Human skin, unfortunately, is not one of those chemically blessed. Upon contact with fire or anything strong enough to burn, nerve endings can be irreversibly burnt away. Burn scars are not like ordinary patches of darkened skin – they are rough and can disfigure the injured person in question.

Some might say that a quick death might be more merciful than to live with the scars.

So how do you deal with the injuries? A Tennessee personal injury lawyer will likely tell you that burn injuries often fall under the responsibility of personal injury due to the frequency of when and how the injuries are acquired. More often than not, accidents or incidents in general that result into burn injuries are due to the negligent actions or another party. For example, it could be due to the faulty wiring in unsafe, public premises; or perhaps it was due to a malfunctioning piece of technology that then resulted into an explosion.

If you suffered a burn injury due to actions that were someone else’s fault, allowing for an experienced professional to guide you through the legal process may work in your favor. It allows for you to concentrate on your recovery instead of the monetary expenses that medical procedures and physical therapy, as well as lost wages, that may result from the injury. A lawyer that specializes in burn injuries also has the necessary networks in order for you to receive the best possible care in order to recover more fully and efficiently without having to worry about all the nitty-gritty that is often involved in cases such as these.

If you or someone you know has suffered a burn injury due to the negligent actions of someone else or another party, it is then then recommended that the first order of business is to consult with an experienced professional who can walk you through what happens next.

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Vacations Gone Wrong: Common Accidents in Cruise Ship Excursions

For a good number of people, going on a cruise is a dream come true. There’s absolutely no doubt that a cruise vacation is one of the most enjoyable traveling options that one can experience. Cruise lines have a number of amenities and attractions that are perfect for travelers of all ages.

Aside from being able to enjoy the open sea, passengers can take part in a host of onboard activities. They also have an opportunity to take part in exciting excursions and in-land activities that will help them explore exotic landscapes and locales. Unfortunately, the experience of cruise ship excursions isn’t always pleasant and memorable. There are moments when accidents can put a damper on what had started as an incredible vacation.

According to the website of cruise ship lawyers at The Vucci Law Group, P.A., there have been several notable cases when cruise ship excursions have been interrupted by the occurrence of catastrophic accidents. These accidents often lead to injuries that vary in their seriousness and severity. They point to the following scenarios as some of the most common accidents that occur in these excursions.

  • Dock Accidents – The cruise ship becomes unstable when it fails to properly dock at the port and increases the risk of slip and fall accidents to occur.
  • Tender Accidents – Small boats called tenders are used to transport passengers from the cruise ship to the shore. Tender accidents can happen while passengers are boarding or disembarking from the boat, or if the boat is driven recklessly by the operator.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents – During excursions, passengers are transported from one destination to the next through vehicles that could end up crashing due to reckless and negligent driving.
  • Defective Equipment Accidents – Excursions can also quickly turn dangerous due to equipment that has not received proper upkeep and maintenance.

A vacation is supposed to be a time for enjoyment and relaxation. Unfortunately, cruise ship passengers have to contend with the thought that accidents might put an end to their pleasurable travel experience. There’s only so much they can do to protect themselves from the risks involved in cruise ship excursions. At the end of the day, cruise lines have to remain responsible for creating a safe and gratifying environment for their customers.

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Workers’ Compensation: Receiving Benefits after a Workplace Injury

It’s in the very nature of accidents to be unpredictable. While there are several ways to mitigate risks and prevent certain accidents from occurring, there is no foolproof way to ensure that these incidents will be completely and absolutely avoided. This is especially true for people working in industries that involve significant risks of injuries. Individuals employed in construction work, manufacturing, transportation, and other manual labor industries have to be prepared for the possibility that an accident can happen at any time. In the same way, employers should be able to provide their workers with appropriate safety nets should the worst happen in a given workplace.

According to the website of Detroit personal injury lawyers at Ravid & Associates, injuries that occur in workplaces can have devastating consequences. Aside from dealing with medical costs, an injured worker will also have to take time off for their treatment and recovery. This leads to significant financial strain, as they will be without their primary source of income. The effects can be even more devastating for workers with dependents relying on their financial support. Considering that the U.S. Department of Labor noted around 2.9 million cases of private industry injuries in the year 2013, these concerns are obviously an issue that employers can’t ignore. That’s why workers’ compensation benefits are an important part of the responsibility that employers have to their employees. Through workers’ compensation, employees will no longer have to worry about the financial troubles caused by their injury. In an ideal scenario, these benefits will help alleviate any burdens dealt by an accident that occurred in the workplace.

However, as pointed out on the website of Ravid and Assoc, the process of filing for workers’ compensation can often become very complex and frustrating. There are times when employees discern that filing a claim is more trouble than it’s worth. To avoid getting stuck in a similar situation, it would be best to consult with qualified legal professionals working in your area.

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Drunk Driving Accidents: Legal Options for Victims and Their Next of Kin

Drunk driving is a serious problem across America. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, alcohol-impaired driving had caused accidents that led to over 10,000 fatalities in the year 2012.

This data translates to one death every 51 minutes, and does not even account for all the other accidents that end in serious injuries. While there are strict laws against driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI), it seems that there are still plenty of drivers that continue to operate their vehicles while knowing that they might put their lives and the lives of others at risk. Victims that have been gravely hurt in such scenarios have several legal options to consider. As pointed out on the website of the Mokaram Law Firm, car accident victims can pursue compensation for medical costs and other financial concerns caused by the incident through a personal injury lawsuit.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit against a drunk driver is considered a civil case. It is different and separate from any criminal charges that the driver will face for breaking DUI and DWI laws. These criminal charges are intended to punish reckless and negligent behavior regardless of whether another person had been injured in an accident. On the other hand, a civil case is initiated by the victim or the victim’s next of kin through a lawsuit. In this scenario, the parties directly affected by the drunk driving accident can claim just compensation and hold the driver at fault accountable for his or her actions. This is particularly crucial for accidents that resulted in grave injuries and fatalities.

There are still some complicated legalities involved in filing personal injury lawsuits against drunk drivers. If you or your loved one had been seriously injured in an accident involving alcohol impairment, your best recourse is to consult with a qualified legal professional for more information.

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